Document-related Terms 单证相关术语
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Document-related Terms 单证相关术语
S/O Shipping Order 
Usually for the same set of Shipping Orders, there are a
number of copies with the same form and contents but 
with different names such as the 1st copy is called Shipping 
Order and remainders are called Shipping Order Copy or
Dock Receipt for different purposes such as space control,
surveyor and sworn measure, documentation. 
As EDI is more popular nowadays and used by both the 
Shipper and Customs, hardcopy Shipping Order is no longer
Widely used. 托(运)单
B/L Bill of Lading 提单
B/L Copy 提单副本
OBL Ocean Bill of Lading 海运提单
HBL House Bill of Lading 无船承运人提单 
TBL Through Bill of Lading 全程提单
Advanced BL Advanced Bill of lading 预借提单
Anti-Dated BL Anti-dated Bill of Lading 倒签提单
Blank BL Blank Bill of Lading 空白提单
‘To Order’B/L 指示提单
Combined Bill 并单(提单)
Separate Bill 拆单(提单)
Way Bill A document prepared by a shipping line at the point of
shipment, showing the point of origin, destination, route,
consignor, consignee, description of shipment and amount 
charged for the transportation service. A waybill is forwarded
with the shipment or sent by mail to the agent at the transfer
point or waybill destination. Unlike a B/L, a waybill is not a
document of title. 运单
Straight B/L A non-negotiable B/L。the Pomerene Act governs its
operation in the US。 记名提单
On Board B/L A B/L in which a carrier acknowledges that goods have
been placed on board a certain vessel。Used to satisfy
the requirements of a L/C On Board提单
Shipped B/L A B/L issued only after the goods have actually been shipped
On board the vessel,as distinguished from the received for
Shipments B/L 已出运的货物提单
(On Board B/L; Shipped B/L 已装船提单 )
Received for Shipment B/L 备运提单
Transhipment B/L 转船提单
Through B/L 联运提单
Shipper(Consignee)Box 发(收)货人栏(格)
Arrival Notice 到货通知书
An advice that the carrier sends to the consignee advising of goods 
coming forward for delivery. Pertinent information such as BL No.,
container No. and total charge due from consignee, etc, are included
and sent to consignee prior to vessel arrival. This is done gratuitously
by the carrier to ensure smooth delivery but there is no obligation by
the carrier to do so. The responsibility to monitor the transit and
present himself to take timely delivery still rests with the consignee.
M/F Manifest document that lists in detail all the Bs/L issued by a vessel
or its agent or master,ie,a detailed summary of the total cargo 舱单
Batch Filing 批量报备
Manifest Discrepancy 舱单数据不符
Acknowledgement of Manifest Receipt 收到舱单回执
Packing List 装箱单
Cargo Receipt 承运货物收据
D/R Dock Receipt 场站收据
D/O Delivery Order 交货单(小提单)
A document authorizing delivery to a nominated party of goods in 
the care of a 3rd party。Can be issued by a carrier on surrender 
of a bill of lading and then used by the merchant to transfer title 
by endorsement。 
Shipping Permit issued by a shipping company,authorizing the receiving 船公司托(带)运证明
clerk at pier/warehouse/on board to receive a stipulated amount 
of goods or materials from a specified firm/client。
Shipper’s Export Declaration 货主出口申报单
A customs house form, filled by the shipper of goods to other countries.
Also called shipper’s manifest. It mentions the marks, numbers, 
quantity, description and value of the goods at time and place of export. 
There is a different definition in USA as ‘The shipper’s export 
declaration (SEDs) forms 7525-V and 7525-V-Alternate(Intermodal) 
and the shipper’s export declaration for In-Transit Goods, Form 7513, 
ADMINISTRATION DOCUMENTS used for compiling the official 
U.S. export statistics and administering the requirements of the Export
Administrative Act.
Shipping Advice 装运通知(似舱单 NVOCC用) 
Manifest information 舱单信息
FCN Freight Correction Notice 舱单更改单(通知) 
Surrender O B/L copies for consignment 交回提单副本
Release Note receipt signed by customer acknowledging delivery of goods 货物收讫单